Damn, Kodak does some fun marketing!

Imagine seeing this from Kodak before it had its ass kicked by tons of other companies — brings me back to the 1999 Photo Marketing Association conference where I hung out most of the day in the Kodak booth (got kicked out, too, turned out their salespeople didn’t like that I knew more about its digital stuff than they did). Thanks to Jason Calacanis for linking to this YouTube instant classic from Kodak. You’re a Kodak moment and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it! Viewed 274,000 times over on YouTube so far.

Fun video on what is Twitter

We were sitting around in Jeff Pulver’s hotel suite when Dr. Robert Pepper (former policy chief for the FCC, now works in advanced technology policy at Cisco) asked me “what is Twitter?

Chris Brogan films the answer. In the video you see cool video blogger Steve Garfield and law blogger Denise Howell, among others. Fun discussion. I’m http://www.twitter.com/Scobleizer if you wanna come and follow me. I’m not on today, though. Trying to dig through my email.