Leo Laporte leaves Twitter for Jaiku

Leo Laporte just reported he’s leaving Twitter to go to competitor Jaiku instead. Here’s what he posted:

“I’ve asked Ev to delete my Twitter account. I’m concerned about confusion with TWiT. I’m moving to Jaiku: account is ChiefTWiT. CU there!”


“I should never have trademarked TWiT. Curse you Ev. Couldn’t you have called this Odeoer or something?”

I’ll follow the details and post more on my Twitter account.

UPDATE: we’re having dinner with Lisa Stone and Chris Carfi and Chris says Leo is the “Twitter quitter.” The reason Leo’s leaving Twitter is significant is because Leo kicked off the Twitter hype by talking about Twitter on his show, TWiT (This Week in Tech) about two weeks before SXSW.

UPDATE2: Jaiku is currently down. So, at least they have the same scalability problems that Twitter had three weeks ago.

UPDATE3: more on Leo’s blog about his decision.

UPDATE4: I’m on Jaiku too now at http://scobleizer.jaiku.com/. Personally I like the simplicity of Twitter better. But that might just be me.