Story behind Facebook’s new security guy

On Monday this week at SXSW I was waiting in line for BBQ at the IronWorks and someone said “you Robert Scoble?”


“I’m the guy who let you listen to my piano practice back in high school.” (He wrote a Web service that let me listen to his piano practicing, it was most cool. He lived in Atlanta at the time, I had just started working at Microsoft).

But the story gets better.

Turns out he’s now head of security at Facebook.

How did he get the job? He hacked into Facebook’s site. They hired him to fix the problems. Very unconventional. But smart. Lucky that Chris didn’t get arrested (he knows of other people who did the same thing to other companies who weren’t as lucky, so he doesn’t recommend it as a career path).

I knew Chris was gonna do something interesting by the time he was 21 (I first met him when he was 17). UPDATE: actually, I had never met him until Monday. I meant “met virtually” cause we had talked quite a bit back in 2003 via IM and other tools.