Do’ers vs. Talkers

Scott Koon, who writes Lazy Coder, says he’s unsubscribed from all the non-coders in his life (like me and Chris Pirillo).

That’s cool. I haven’t unsubscribed from him. Why? Cause of my link blog. I want to see development trends before most other developers do. So, I follow a lot of “do’ers” as he puts them.

But, Scott, you might look at my video blog. Almost every interview is with a “do’er” (someone trying to build a company, or find the meaning of mass). Also, you might follow my link blog. I filter out only the best stuff out of 600 of the world’s top tech blogs — many of which are by “do’ers” like Scott says he is, not talkers like me.

I love how he tells people to stop reading blogs like mine and start reading others. Hmmm…

In the meantime, though. Matt Cutts of Google says that I read more feed items in Google Reader than any other human being alive. And I don’t know of a video blogger who has posted more interviews with more companies than I have.

So, I guess I’m both a “do’er” and a “talker.” Just subscribe to the blog that demonstrates the behavior you like most.

No code here, though. So, if that’s what you want, right, not good. If I were a coder, though, I’d just use Krugle to find some interesting stuff.


I love the Huffington Post

You can’t tell by watching my link blog (I very rarely post political stuff there) but I’ve been tracking a bunch of political blogs on both the right and left side of the aisle. I have to admit I like Huffington Post the best. Bob Cesca’s comeback to a study that showed that lefty blogs swear more than righty ones made me smile: “I like to use the F-Word a lot.”