It’s nice to get compliments…

Thanks Chip Griffin for the nice words. “Scoble does a good job of being relatively unobtrusive which is one of the reasons I generally enjoy watching his videos.  He doesn’t attempt to become part of the story like some other interviewers do.  He clearly asks questions out of curiosity and not simply in an effort to elicit information he already knows.Clare has a great presence and it is an interesting interview that I encourage anyone in the field (or who have an interest in it) to watch.”

In PodTech news, Tom Foremski, who writes the Silicon Valley Watcher, writes an interesting review of our business. Headline? the dark horse of the new media pack.

Bill Marriott on importance of education

You might have heard about Marriott. The hotel chain. It all happened because a kid went to college and got enough confidence to try something new, Bill Marriott wrote on his blog.

Every day I’m thankful that my dad went to college at a community college in New York (on the GI Bill), later got a PhD from Rutgers, and got moved to Silicon Valley to work at Ampex. Everytime I pass the Ampex sign I thank them cause without that I wouldn’t have been in the middle of the tech industry.

Marriott’s blog is really good, by the way, and I thank James Governor for bringing this post to my attention. The other post that James brought to our attention made a tear come to my eye.

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