Our SO’s were wondering

Last week in Pirillo’s house a bunch of us were downstairs. Every so often one of our Significant Others would come down and check on what we were doing. We were down there for a long time and didn’t even come up for drinks or pizza. So, they must have been wondering. Well, now they can watch our long boring conversation about Web 2.0 and stuff and see just what we were doing. Theresa thought it was fun, but then she was downstairs with us and her boss was down there too. Consider that a biased opinion. 🙂

The original came from Gear Live, which is usually a killer gadget video blog.

Seriously, if you are in marketing or PR you’d probably do very well to listen to this.


Google’s wet dream

Everyone who works at Google is hoping Microsoft actually uses the technology described in this patent (it removes items from the left, or organic search, if someone also advertises that item).

Why is that Google’s wet dream? Because it would instantly get noticed and would decrease its relevancy, especially among influentials who would tell the world about it.

If I were working at Google I’d say a little prayer before I go to sleep tonight thinking that some committee at Microsoft was really so stupid.