Introducing ClipMarks 2.0…video demo now up

It’s not usual when I can get videos up of two companies breaking news (Ning and ClipMarks) all in the same night, but here’s the videos of ClipMarks: interview with Eric Goldstein, co-founder, and demo of ClipMarks by Eric.

I’m off to the Adobe Engage event, more later.

UPDATE: Rafe Needleman has more on ClipMarks here. TechMeme has more about ClipMarks 2.0 here.


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ClipMarks 2.0: bookmarking on steroids

One of the cool things I’ve seen lately is ClipMarks. You know how lets you bookmark a page? Or email it around?

Well, ClipMarks does something similar, but you can point to just a paragraph on my blog, or an entry, or a photo, or anything, really.

At 5 a.m. today I’ll have a video demo up on, but in the meantime, go and check it the just released ClipMarks 2.0.

Davis Janowski has the details.

Marc Andreessen didn’t “get” the Web’s impact

I hope you don’t miss Marc Andreessen talking about his perspective of what he’s been seeing since he started Netscape back in 1994. The good part starts at about minute 16 of the interview I did with him and Gina of Ning.

One fun part was where Marc admitted he didn’t get how big a deal the Web would be when he first saw it either.
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