Old boys club is for losers, Anil writes

Ahh, more talk about conferences that are all male. Anil Dash writes that the old boys club is for losers. I’ll link to TechMeme, cause there’s a bigger conversation going on here.

Funny thing. Out of all the videos I’ve put on ScobleShow, the one that’s gotten on Digg is one of a woman. Shelley Powers deserves the credit for making me focus on this issue over and over. Keep it up Shelley.

Looking at ScobleShow the past two weeks, I have 12 interviews and five of those are with women. Maryam, my wife, and I are always looking for interesting geeky women to get on our show.

Who would you like to see interviewed? Rogers Cadenhead has a good list. We’ve had two of his list 10 Web geeks on the show, but that leaves eight we haven’t.

James Robertson’s comment, on Rogers’ post, resonates with me too: that the goal shouldn’t be just gender/race/creed diversity, but intellectual diversity.

It’s why I really liked the LIFT conference. It wasn’t just the same old boys club.