Mike Arrington and me to share stage at VON

Here’s a presentation I’m looking forward to. Mike Arrington, founder of TechCrunch, and me are sharing a stage at the Video on the Net conference. I’m not being paid a dime for this conference (not even expenses). Jeff Pulver’s not a cheap baaahhhssstttaaarrrddd, though, cause instead of giving us a big speaker fee he’s holding a video contest where he’s giving away $40,000.

Here’s the details on our talk, which Mike and I just worked out yesterday:

TITLE: Collision: What happens when old and new media mix

DESCRIPTION: Mike Arrington, founder of TechCrunch, and Robert Scoble, Vice President at PodTech.Network, and videographer/interviewer on ScobleShow.com, get together to discuss with you their view of what’s happening in the online video world and how it’s colliding with bigger Web 2.0 trends like the widget explosion we’re seeing on blogs and social media sites like MySpace. PodTech, for instance, saw traffic go way up when it changed to a Flash-based player similar to YouTube’s. We’ll also talk about the collision of old and new media on the net and the disruptive aspects that we’re seeing in the online media space.


8 thoughts on “Mike Arrington and me to share stage at VON

  1. Looking forward to seeing both of you in San Jose. And thanks for putting in the plug for the Contest.

    Best regards, Jeff


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