Doc Searls says Scoble is full of it about “social media”

Heheh, Doc Searls takes 349 words to say that I’m full of it when I talk about what the term Social Media means. Well, actually, he didn’t even name me or link to me, but the gesture is the same when he says he avoids using terms like “Social Media” and “Web 2.0.” UPDATE: I should have noted that Doc is actually replying to Brian Solis post about “what’s wrong with ‘social media’?”

Remember rule #10 on the Corporate Weblog Manifesto? That still applies.

But, since Doc didn’t give us a good name for this new media collection (blogs, wikis, Web 2.0 voting sites, etc) then I think we’ll just rename it all to “Doc Searls Media.”

I don’t care what you call it. Something is going on here and I’m a simpleton and love to have a name for the bag of things that are happening.

Damn, I should charge to speak…

Tom Foremski reports that speaking is increasingly lucrative for authors/bloggers.

He says Tim O’Reilly gets paid $40,000. Chris Anderson gets $34,000. John Battelle gets $24,000.

I’ll talk to you out in the lobby for free. 🙂

For the record, I’ve never been offered more than $2,500 for any speech (and, in the end, didn’t accept that) and almost all of my speeches to date have been done either for free or for just expenses (and, unlike many of the “big names” I don’t ask for business class tickets, which can run about $8,000 to get to Europe from USA).

I’m not being paid to go to Northern Voice and PodTech is picking up my expenses (I’m doing interviews in Seattle and Vancouver). I never charge anyone to be on ScobleShow. To sponsor my show, though, costs big bucks. Thank you Seagate!

Mike Arrington to interview Ray Ozzie at Mix

Nick Hodge reports that Mike Arrington, of TechCrunch, will interview Ray Ozzie on stage at Mix07. I’ve verified with a contact at Microsoft that that’s true. Oh, and Dave Winer is going. Me too. Although I’m not going to be on stage. I’ll be out in the lobby looking to scoop Mike, like I did when I got a video “lobby” demo of UrbanSeeder.

Why out in the lobby? All the coolest stuff happens in the lobby. I bet even Ray’s stuff will look cooler out in the lobby than on stage.

I’ll be in Seattle on Wednesday and Thursday. Maybe I’ll camp out in Ray’s lobby until he gives me an interview. Heheh. Hey, it worked for that kid at Google. Why not for me at Microsoft?