Jon Udell’s value to Microsoft

Today Jon Udell is showing you how to blog from Word 2007.

Yes, my Google Reader is working again (it was a munged up Firefox cache or something).

But, anyway, this is something I’ve noticed since leaving Microsoft. When you’re up at Microsoft all you think about is how to work with Microsoft stuff. Conversations like the one Jon is participating in seem normal and commonplace.

Then you get out of Redmond and the conversations are very different. I’ve never had someone ask me how to blog from Word outside of Redmond.

Their heart is in the right place, though. There are hundreds of millions of Word users (I saw some in a Starbucks in Geneva, Switzerland, and I see them everytime I travel on planes). So, how do you get those people to see that they can post stuff right from Word into blog tools like WordPress?

Jon Udell will be there if they show up.

The problem is that Jon uses a language that most normal people don’t. He is writing for us, the geeks, the developers, the passionate computer users who know more than how to turn the thing on.

And if he’s talking to us, the geeks, I don’t think his message will fall on listening ears.

What do you think?

Ahead of my time, Real Estate blogging wise

David Krug today recommends doing a Real Estate blog, if you wanna make money. Heh, I got our real estate guy, Stan Mackey, to blog (he helped Chris and Ponzi Pirillo find their house recently, we vote him best real estate guy in Seattle) but he hasn’t blogged since January. Hi Stan!  See, I was ahead of my time when I told him early last year to start a blog.

But, seriously, if you’re looking to make money with a blog, why don’t you just look for an audience that has a high affinity for transactions (which is why Gizmodo and Engadget made such great businesses, cause their readers buy lots of gadgets), along with a fairly good audience size (beer drinkers anyone?) with low competition (plumbers!).

If you’re a plumber who is a beer freak and who has more gadgets than Vic Gundotra, give me a call. Heheh.

Google Reader taking the day off?

Google Reader has been having problems all weekend long and I haven’t seen any bloggers talking about them. Why is that? Because the reader part is working great. But the “sharing” part? Everytime today I try to share an item with you I’m getting an error. Is Google hitting scalability problems with its Reader?

Can a few more of those smart PhD’s please help out the Reader team and get the problem fixed? Thanks!

But, I guess it’s fair. Many USA workers are taking the day off because of President’s day.

UPDATE: my readers all said it was working great for them, then one guy said “clean out the browser cache.” I did that, and now it’s working again. I’m using Firefox. Weird that that would make this stuff start working again (I deleted everything, cookies, cache, history, etc).