New blog software to watch: habari

What is Habari?

It’s a new group that’s building new blog software. Why do I care? Because it’ll be interesting to see what a new group comes up with and because I saw several blogs (especially on Chris Davis‘ blog) mention it today.

I’ve seen this happen several times and new companies almost always result out of the effort.

Interesting that at least some people feel that Automattic’s and Six Apart’s things aren’t good enough and want to run in a new direction. I wish them luck and will be watching them.

More on Steve Jobs’ education advice: from a former teacher

Alfred Thompson taught high school computer science for eight years and done other academic-related work (he now is in such a role at Microsoft).

I knew he’d have something to say about Steve Jobs’ advice for the school system and he didn’t disappoint. I don’t even mind the little “leave this to an expert” barb in his post aimed at me. He’s right, which is why you should read his post.