Sharpcast is what Hillel is talking about

Hillel Cooperman asks “Do you know anyone who uploads their photos and then deletes their local copies?”

I don’t.

But, Hillel, you gotta check out Sharpcast. It synchronizes your photos between mobile phones, laptops, and the Web in a way that Flickr can’t even get close to. I got a good look today and this really rocks.

Doug Kaye: voice behind Gigavox

Have you ever listened to ITConversations? I love that podcast series. The voice you hear is Doug Kaye’s. But, now he’s started a new company to help podcasters out. If you’re a podcaster you’ll want to watch these.

Interview. Demo.

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The bloggers get it wrong, Wired says

Wired Magazine’s Ryan Singel and Kevin Poulsen says that the bloggers got it wrong about Ted Stevens “protecting children” bill. The Wired post ends:Also the blog world famously claims it’s self-correcting. 27B anxiously awaits proof.”

Wikipedia isn’t commercial? Yeah, right.

By the way, Ryan and Kevin’s blog post doesn’t have a link to the bill’s text that works. Anyone have a link that works? Post it in my comments. Thanks!

UPDATE: WebProNews has a similar point in “DOPA Jr. Is Not A Wikipedia Ban” which includes more details on what the bill actually does.