Technorati developer moves to Google Blog search

I was just over at Don Park’s blog and saw that Kevin Marks, a familiar face to those of us in the tech blogging world, has left Technorati and gone to Google to work on blog search.

Of course, this offers another opportunity to study blog search. Here’s Technorati’s search of who is linking to Kevin’s blog post about the event. Here’s Google’s blog search of same.

I wish Technorati well. I like Dave Sifry and Tantek Celik a lot. But, they have a huge technological (and marketing) challenge ahead of them. If the big company’s stuff is better than the small company’s stuff, then why do we need the small company’s stuff again? Technorati used to be the best blog search engine by a long shot, but now I’m finding I’m using Google Blog Search more and more.

UPDATE: WinExtra has a great line: “Does the A-list exist if the Technorati 100 disappears?”

The downside of community spam deletion

Andy Beard has an interesting article about Akismet’s spam deletion service (I use it here — if I didn’t, you’d have thousands of pieces of spam get through to my comment area every day).

I have noticed that the numbers of false positives (comments of yours getting deleted) are going up. But I’ve been going through and adding those back in.

If you notice your comments are getting deleted here, please email me so I can see if they were deleted by the spam filter (I very rarely delete comments).