A bug with TechMeme…

Here’s something that’s bugging me about TechMeme today. Philippe Mottaz has a report that Wikipedia is running out of cash. Nick Carr linked to it. SEO Blackhat linked to Nick and Philippe’s report. Duncan Riley linked to SEO Blackhat’s report.

So, why is Duncan’s report the #2 thing on TechMeme right now and why isn’t Philippe’s report (he was the only one of the group above to do actual real reporting from the LIFT speech this week) on TechMeme? To me, that’s a bug.

UPDATE: Gabe says that Philippe’s post was linked to yesterday. Look at the comments below. But why wasn’t Bruno’s post linked to either time? His stuff is better than anything else I’ve seen and was original reporting on what happened at LIFT (he was on the floor). So was Stephanie. Her report isn’t linked to either.