I love European trains…

I’ve heard several times that only about 20% of Americans own passports. That’s such a shame. If they were over here they would be wondering how we ended up with such a lousy public transportation system when Europe got such a nice one. The trains are quiet, smooth, fast, affordable, and in our experiences on several trips so far, run on time.

We’re about to hop into one of those to head to Geneva.

In other news, over on ScobleShow, we have the CEO of Wellsphere talking about and demoing his new service, which is aimed at getting you motivated to doing some exercise. I sure know I need that.

Someone asked me the other day how companies get on ScobleShow. They simply ask via email at robertscoble@hotmail.com. I can’t get to everyone (I try to have three or more companies on a week, though). There is no charge. It helps if your company is doing something unique, particularly for the Web, although I like development tools too.

Each video has two segments, the first is an interview where I try to learn something about you and your company. The second is a demo where you talk right into the camera and give us all a short (hopefully about five minute) look at your product or service.

I’m still behind on email from the past month, though, but I put highest priority on ScobleShow stuff (I have about 70 still to go in just that folder).

It really helps if you’ll be in San Francisco at some point, or at a conference that I’ll be attending.

Thanks to everyone who’s been on my show so far. I’ve been learning a lot about the tech world and hope you all enjoy these videos too.