Other people’s favorite “Demos”

Joshua Jaffe, of VC Ratings, has a list of other people’s favorite demos at Demo. Add to that list Shel Israel’s list of faves. Here’s Chip Griffin’s list too. Joshua’s list includes a list of the ones who won “Demogod” awards. Keith Shaw links to the day 2 video demos. It’s interesting to see which ones were on everyone’s lists. Omidyar Network’s Christine Herron, for instance, had two travel sites: CircleUp and PairUp. I liked both, but didn’t think they were baked out enough to put at the top of my list (I’m leaving in a few hours for Frankfurt, Germany, though, and travel sites interest me a lot).

Yeah, I already sent Joshua a note saying I work at PodTech, not PodShow. I had lunch yesterday with Tom LeVine CEO of the most excellent PopTech conference. After that I started getting confused too.