Do A-list bloggers have a responsibility to link to others?

Sue Polinsky (who helps to run the excellent Converge South conference) asks an interesting question: “Do big(ger) blogs have an obligation to smaller or newer ones to link to them?”

I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but, yes, I try to link out to as many people as possible. I got found because other people linked to me, and I view it as my responsibility to link to other people as well. I also leave my comments open so people can post their own opinions and links to things.

But, I can’t get to it all. The blogosphere is too big. So, in front of every audience I speak to I demonstrate how to use blog search engines and I keep my link blog, which has linked to many many thousands of blogs.

Another thing I can do? Ask you to post your link in the comment area on this post. I’ll visit them all and subscribe to good tech blogs, which will mean more links in the future from my link blog.

So, free blog advertising! Tell us your link and why you think your blog is interesting.

The politicians come begging tech for money

Ahh, yes, Fred, of A VC blog, nails why I think John Edwards had me on his plane last month. Tech has money. Politicians need it to run for office.

I think we’ll get a large number of visits by all the candidates in Silicon Valley. Fred doesn’t even live here and already he’s sick of the begging for cash (he’s a VC in the tech industry).