Welcome from Forbes, but…

I see a lot of people coming here from a Forbes list of who they think are the top 25 Internet Celebrities. I’m very honored to be #9 on that list, but a couple of things I’d like to correct. First, I’m a tech blogger, the article says I’m a political blogger. Both my blog here, and my video show at http://www.scobleshow.com (more videos coming today), are mostly about the tech industry. Second, there’s no mention of PodTech, which, is more important to me now than leaving Microsoft. A good place to learn about me is on the Wikipedia page about me. Oh, and I have a Wikipedia policy. I will not edit my page, nor will I pay anyone to edit that page on my behalf, and if I ever want something changed on that page, I’ll just blog it so it’ll be out in the open and transparent. I have not written a single word on that Wikipedia page and I’m quite amazed at how complete and accurate it is. Thank you to whoever contributes to that page.

I agree with Mike Arrington: I can think of 100 people who are more deserving (and who are more interesting than me). I also am not real happy being on a list where the #1 person is a fictional person. Personally, I’d rather give up my spot on that list to someone who actually DID something for the Web. Tim Berners-Lee or Dave Winer or Tim Bray come to mind (the first Tim invented the Web, Dave invented RSS/OPML/XML-RPC, Tim Bray co-invented XML).

I’m still mostly taking this week off of my blog. I’m totally snowed under with email and other tasks. Did four interviews yesterday that you’ll really like. And on Tuesday I got a good look at the Stanford Linear Accelerator and interviewed the team that did the first Web site in the United States. Really amazing people there.

Oh, I wish I could get to Lunch 2.0 today at Meebo. You’re invited. So was I, but I have to chew through my task list.