Just bought car of the year

I just purchased a Saturn Aura. My dad bought a new Toyota Camry, but the Aura is nicer performing, quieter, and Patrick says it’s nicer (I think the backseat headphones convinced him). More later, gotta sign the paperwork.

One reason I came into Saturn? Someone from Saturn invited me into a dealership after reading my blog. That’s an interesting sales technique. Imagine a company that has a “invite a blogger” division that contacts bloggers. Oh, this isn’t a one-off, either. Saturn sponsored BlogHer last year. That sponsorship just turned into a sale. I do support businesses that support us.

Another factor? Matt Kelly, who works for PodTech, was at the Detroit Auto Show last week and said the Saturn was the best by a mile (here’s Matt’s reports on Saturn). It sure is better than the Honda Civic, which Maryam and I test drove lately too.

And I couldn’t be like Chris Pirillo and buy an Acura. Heheh.

Color? It’s black.

Technology? Not much, when compared to other cars, no nav system or anything like that. Why? I’m a cheap baaaahhhhssstttaaarrrddd.

UPDATE: Steve Powell, director of Colma Saturn, says my car actually has navigation built in through OnStar. Very cool.


YouTube pulling down posts

JD Lasica had a post removed from YouTube the other day. It’s not the first time. Rabbit Bites had a parody of Oprah pulled after one of Oprah’s lawyers complained to YouTube (they didn’t even email the show to get their side of story — parody is acceptable under US copyright law).

If you don’t see more posts from me today, it’s not due to YouTube. Maryam and I have a ton of chores to do to get ready for going to the LIFT conference in Switzerland.

Some CES cleanup: if you won in the Seagate contest we ran leading up to CES, can you contact Maryam with your street address and we’ll send out your prize? maryam@podtech.net.

Anyway, have a great Friday!