Saturn has hot car at Detroit Auto Show

I’m looking at buying a new car and Matt Kelly, PodTech employee, was raving about the new Saturn that just won a big award at the Detroit Auto Show. He has video about that.

In other PodTech news, Gillmor Gang, er, Calacanis Cast is now up and Irina and Eddie had lunch with MingleNow.

My own show gets back on track later today. In the meantime my link blog is up to date with dozens of juicy new posts from my favorite bloggers.


Old-school and new-school media collide at CES?

Renee Blodget, Silicon Valley PR queen, notes that press rooms and other places were a lot more crowded at CES due to more bloggers.

It’s interesting times we live in. The thing is, four years ago Engadget didn’t exist. So, in the rules of the old-school, they would never have gotten a “seat” at press conferences. Today they are the ones with millions of page views. I do note that not getting into press conferences didn’t keep Engadget from getting some of the best news at previous events. Peter Rojas and team worked their asses off last year and this year they covered CES like no one else has.

Political use of social media: Edwards (1); Obama (.5); Clinton (NA)

Hey, Barack, have you met with any bloggers yet? Edwards met with dozens on his first media stops.

Also, has any non-political blogger met with either Hillary or Barack to find out if they are doing their own blog and/or if they are really transparently available to both bloggers and mainstream press? (Edwards let me follow him around 100% of the time, even when meeting with his staff and didn’t keep me out of the back rooms).

So far no one from PodTech has been approached by either of the other two candidates.

Barack does have a good podcast, though, and Beet.TV has links to some of his other online videos.

UPDATE: MyDD says that Barack is winning in gathering blog links.

UPDATE 2: Huffington Post says Barack made the first “direct to you” announcement. Funny that they missed my interview with John Edwards as well as meetings John had with bloggers in both Iowa and in New Hampshire.