My video blockage is clearing…

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My video workflow had a few shocks applied over the past week, which stunted what I wanted to do, but the blockage is cleared and video is starting to flow.

From last week the second Retrevo gang, filmed on the second day of CES (right after Steve Jobs). The Retrevo gang is a bunch of gadget geeks who work at the Retrevo consumer search engine — they scoured the show floor for fun gadgets. Along the way they brought along Dean Takahashi, columnist for the San Jose Mercury News along with a few other industry experts and we have a fun discussion about Apple stuff, HDTV, OQO portable computers, and much more.

More stuff coming either tonight or tomorrow morning.

What do you think about the Retrevo Gang? Want us to do more of these from time-to-time?

By the way, Retrevo did this for free, which I appreciate a lot. Oh, and day 3 of the Retrevo gang is now up too.

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