The iPhone reality distortion field

I was much more excited about the iPhone yesterday than I am today. Why? Cause reality is setting in. This thing is not as good as it seems. Paul Kedrosky has the details. He forgot a few things (he lists five):

6) Battery is only two hours up to five hours and is not replaceable (if you play video). UPDATE: sorry for getting that wrong, but tons of people, including some Mac journalists told me it’d only get two hours in video playback mode. Watch a video and your battery is dead. Now your cell phone is dead too. So, you won’t want to watch a video on a plane flight with this thing like you would with your iPod.
7) It’s Cingular only and GSM. That automatically keeps more than half of Americans from considering this and for the rest of the world? They are laughing about the iPhone now.
8) The camera sucks. It’s a 2megapixel device without flash, without zoom. Nokia’s newest cameras blow this one away.
9) No GPS. For a $600 device that really, really, really sucks.

More later. In the BlogHaus last night there were a few “pro Apple folks” who were REALLY disappointed with this. They also pointed out that if you need to text, or email, or blog from your phone that using a touch screen will be very unsatisfactory compared with a Blackberry or a Treo.


Why you should get AppleTV

Michael Markman has the best reason that I should be pushing Apple TV. Sold me! I’m getting one anyway.

Oh, and lots of broadcasts are done in 1080i. Yeah, no one is broadcasting in 1080p yet, but the difference between the two is very small (I can tell the difference between 720p and 1080i, but it’s a lot harder to see the difference between 1080i and 1080p).