Meet Mary Jo Foley

Mary Jo Foley has been covering Microsoft since the early 1980s. Here she sits down with Maryam in the BlogHaus.

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BlogHaus blogs

Geek News Central has a look at the new HP computer that came out on Sunday night at the BlogHaus.

Brian Benz: “Great turnout here!”

Hans Veldhuizen: “Great hangout.”

Graeme Thickins: “BlogHaus suite is awesome”

Jeff Pulver: “There are some great people hanging out.”

Andrew Hansen: “Podtech and Seagate, the new Black.”

Heheheh, check out Loren Feldman and who is in bed with him. He tried to get me in bed but…


In the meantime, I’ve put a ton of stuff on my link blog.

The Retrevo Gang from CES

Gadget freaks work at Retrevo so we talk about the gadgets they saw yesterday at CES. It starts out a little slow, but we eventually see a bunch of cool things. On Retrevo you can vote for whether CES or Macworld is “hotter or not.”

We cover a lot of things here. Hope you enjoy this. Retrevo has a bunch of employees here looking for new gadgets and other things. We’ll do more Retrevo Gangs this week so you get a good look at what CES is all about.

You’ll also see one of the worst things I’ve ever seen a manufacturer do (LG had a 100 inch screen and the display was really two 50-inch screens put together).

We filmed this in the Seagate booth. Come by and see us at 4 p.m. tomorrow film another Retrevo Gang (Seagate is in the South Hall on the second floor).

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