The bandwidth rocks at CES BlogHaus

Engadget’s Ryan Block told me his upstream sucks from his hotel room and they are using various EVDO gadgets to report the news and he says they all are super slow (I agree, mine is OK for blogging and blog reading, but I sure wouldn’t want to upload a Bill Gates video over that). I love Engadget’s CES optimization.

We (PodTech, Seagate) spent a lot of money to make sure the bandwidth rocks in the BlogHaus. So, if you need to upload a big video and your hotel room connection is taking hours, come on over and give me a call. We’ll be here 24 hours a day until Wednesday night. 425-205-1921.

Things are rocking and rolling. Seagate has some goodies and lots of old-school journalists and new-school are here too. PC World is interviewing the Seagate folks right now.

What did Bill Gates tell us during lunch? We had a fun conversation, but they asked us to keep it confidential until 6:30 p.m.

One question that Gates was passionate about answering was “Intel last week showed me that Moore’s law is safe for another six years, and they are kicking out more and more multiprocessor chips, so how is Microsoft going to step up to the challenge and make its software work better for multi-core processors?”

We also talked a lot about gaming and home entertainment. More at 6:30 p.m. Microsoft is streaming the keynote.

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