Let’s get rid of sploggers

It’s interesting. There were a raft of reports that Google’s Blogsearch had passed Technorati, but tonight I did a check once again. Google still has way more sploggers than Technorati does, at least in my experience.

On the first page of results for a Google blogsearch on my last name, I see this splogger blueboxsystem.com,  but over on Technorati I don’t see any sploggers.

How about you? Do you see any splogs on your favorite blog search engine? Who are they, so we get the teams who run these engines to remove them.


I screwed up twice … trip very expensive

I made two big mistakes on the trip to see John Edwards. The first cost me my camera. I laid it on top of a bunch of luggage on the way to the airport in New Hampshire. Someone opened the back and it fell out and on the ground. Now the lens isn’t working anymore. I don’t know how much that’ll cost, but it means I need to rent a camera next week to go up to Intel in Portland.

Then, last night, when pulling out of the parking lot in Oakland I hit a pole. I didn’t see the damn thing when backing out. Messed up the right front of my car. I’m sure that’s gonna cost me $1,500. Sigh.

It sure reminded me that even on a good week I can really screw things up — and fast.