What a year!

It’s already 2007 in many parts of the world. We have 13 more hours to go here. Happy New Years!

2006 saw a lot of change in my life. Published a book, which has done very well. Mom dying. Quitting an awesome job and starting with a startup that doesn’t have an assured future. Moving. Sold and bought a house. Got a BMW and a big screen. Tons of traveling. Starting a new video show (in first three months have interviewed more than 50 CEOs).

Hopefully 2007 sees a little more steadiness, but I bet it’ll be just as chaotic as 2006. My son becomes a teenager in 14 days. Yikes. The years are ticking off awfully fast.

Here’s hoping that 2007 is a great one for you and your families. See ya on the other side.