Congrats to Irina for getting her ***** on BoingBoing

Who said PodTech isn’t a creative place to work? Congrats to Irina for getting her, um, video on BoingBoing. BoingBoing is the #2 blog, according to Technorati. Irina is the face on Geek Entertainment TV, which is part of the PodTech family of content creators. You can catch me checking out Irina’s, um, talents, in last week’s Lunch Meet where we learned all about Renkoo, a cool event planning site. Hey, Maryam, we gotta use Renkoo to do our house warming party!


Don quit his day job to Screencast Online

While other people are talking about helping content producers quit their day jobs to do more online content, Don McAllister, publisher of ScreenCasts Online just did it. Hear his business model on my show and how he’s helping lots of people learn how to use Macs. Lots of other videos are up on ScobleShow too from our London trip, more coming. Oh, he has a TON of loyal customers based on my referer logs.