Vista beta timebombs on Rob Lagesse

Rob Lagesse is saying his Windows Vista beta has locked him out. I hate that too, but it’s why I don’t use betas on production machines. Rob says he’s being locked out of a Microsoft forum too now cause he complained about this. Good cautionary tale to remind anyone who is using a beta of Vista to back up so that you can get to any data you collected.


My thoughts with Douglas Reilly

Paul Mooney told me about this, but I remember hanging out with Douglas Reilly at Microsoft MVP summits in the past. He’s a wonderful guy, but is fighting cancer and the cancer is winning.

Doug, keep at it and, I hope you still have that wonderful spirit and attitude you shared with Maryam and me. I wish you all could have shared life with Doug. He was one of my favorite MVPs and I always looked forward to seeing him again. So sad, this hit hard and reminded me a lot of the losses we’ve seen this year. Such a sad way to end the year.

The embargo is dead? Not so fast…

Dave Winer on the embargo is dead meme that’s been talked about on several blogs lately.

Interesting points. I don’t think the embargo is going to die anytime soon. It’s just too engrained in how PR people think they need to release news.

Lots of marketing and PR people look at the success Steve Jobs has had at Apple and are jealous so they’ll copy his system of “shock and awe.” That requires embargoes. Why? Well, if you want a magazine to talk about your product on Monday at the same time you’re announcing it, that means talking to that magazine’s journalists a week in advance.

Or, if you want video on the ScobleShow, I need a few hours in advance.

“Just announce it on your blog,” I can hear you saying. That way everyone knows about it at the same time. That’s true if you only care about blogs. But, the real prize is the bigger audience that TV, print journalism, radio, and even Web video needs.

One thing I told Intel: start with the Z list. They are more believeable than any one higher in the stack. We’re all checking with Z listers anyway to see if a story is real or not. Or to get quotes.