J, J, J, K, oh, sorry, TWiT talking about Windows Vista

Heheh, I’m glad I’m not the only one (thanks Parand Tony Darugar) who has gotten addicted to using the “J” and “K” keys, thanks to Google Readers. I find increasingly I’m missing that interface on other applications and useage models.

Anyway, good podcast over with Leo Laporte and Paul Thurrott where they both talk about Windows Vista. Paul says Vista is changing the way he uses his computer. I find that too.

But, damn, I wish everything used the J and K keys. Heheh.


Full text feeds pay off for this blogger

I love Amit Agarwal’s analysis on the full-text vs. partial text debate. I HATE partial text feeds. I am subscribing to a few now (Dan Farber, for instance) but I find I link to them far less often than people who give me full text feeds. What does that do? Well, read Amit’s analysis. And, yes, I did “steal” Amit’s content and put it on my link blog.

Jeff Sandquist scores one for Microsoft

I told you Jeff Sandquist is smart and is one guy I could rely on at Microsoft to get shit done (he was my boss when I was at Microsoft). He just convinced Jon Udell to come to Microsoft. Wow. I think it’s funny that Jon asked himself whether he’d be Microsoft’s new “Scoble.” Hell, I was trying to be as good as Jon Udell was (and I came up short — he’s a coder that can explain how to program to other people, and has far more influence among developers than I’ll ever hope to have).

In other Microsoft news, Mike Sax says Microsoft just signed away custody of its third-born child: All the file formats for Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are now under the custody of ECMA, an independent standards body.

One other thing about Jon Udell: to me he was InfoWorld. He’s the only reason I’ve been following that brand. It’s a HUGE loss for InfoWorld.

I haven’t commented much on the other hire that Jeff Sandquist made: Larry Larsen. But he rocks too. This team has raised my expectations for what will happen at Microsoft now. Two rock stars from the journalism world. Larry worked for Poynter Institute and is a major geek.

One thing I’ve learned: a manager is judged by the quality of people he hires and/or keeps happy. Jeff Sandquist has two three grand-slam home runs. (I forgot about Rory, thanks Dare for reminding me).

Yes, Rex, Microsoft just acquired a superstar media brand.

Techmeme link.