Signs you’ve been blogging too much

Nice list over on Darren’s blog of signs you need a break from your blog. But I’ll add:

#9: you blog about blogging.
#10: you attack an A-lister by saying he’s an echo-chamber enabler and only writes to get on TechMeme.
#11: you say “TechCrunch this” and “TechCrunch that.”
#12: you go to Twitter and write “I’m blogging.”
#13: you tell your boss you aren’t merely reading blogs, you’re doing customer research.
#14: you have taken your son to so many blogger meetups that he starts his own blog to protest.
#15: you know the CPMs of a dozen other bloggers’ ads.
#16: when you say “Nick” “Om” “Mike” “Shelley” everyone around you knows who you are talking about.


Building Stonehenge? Interesting video on YouTube

While doing my link blog this morning and reading my feeds, I saw over on Michael Murphy’s blog I saw this video about how a guy finds innovative ways to move heavy blocks. I love videos like this.

Also on my link blog you’ll see some nice coffee designs and read why Frank Barnako is calling blog search engine Technorati “Technocrapi.”