For Valleywag

Gotta give Valleywag something salacious from London. I love Hugh, what can I say? Anyway, it was really great meeting Steve Clayton, Microsoft blogger, I’ve enjoyed his blog a lot.

You can join us on our “pissed as newts” tour tomorrow. Meet at the Eros Statue at 1 p.m. sharp. After that, Hugh will lead us on a tour of fun things and pubs in London.


Blogs and wikis as platforms

Whew, yesterday was a busy day. Three interviews. Two speeches. One London Girl Geek dinner. Two videos posted (thanks to Kevin Edwards and Michael Klinger for posting those while I’m gone).

Anyway, I saw Don Dodge talking about blogging and wikis as platforms. He’s absolutely right. Anyone who’s seen a list of WordPress extensions sees that developers are building cool things on top of that blogging platform.

One of the blogging vendors, Blogtronix, I had on the ScobleShow yesterday (demo and interview). I like their stuff a lot, it lets companies build their own “Channel 9” without having three great developers of their own.

Opacity is evil?

I love this quote from Steve Sloan: “opacity is evil.” I totally agree with that when it comes to public institutions. The way our tax money is being spent should be done transparently. I doubt we’ll ever get there.

I look at yesterday’s events regarding PodCamp. Would I have done anything differently if we had been totally transparent? No. I told an audience yesterday that I live my life expecting that whatever I do or say will get on the front page of the New York Times. That makes people uncomfortable.

It is an uncomfortable life sometimes. Particularly when people don’t do their homework before jumping to conclusions.

I wish bloggers called and tried to get my side of the story before making attacks and tried to present both sides of the story, even if their side of the story is right and mine is wrong. I thought blogging was about being fair, and open, and different than what existed before. I guess not.

Hey, I live in a dream world. I know.