Koral would make Vista cool

Koral has a knowledge management system that is the coolest thing I saw at the SAP show recently and I have a demo and an interview on ScobleShow today.

Look at how it keeps Excel spreadsheets and other files in sync.

Demo (9:20). Interview (22:39).

Oh, there’s lots of stuff on Vista around today. I put the best on my link blog. Including this list of ways Microsoft could make Vista better by Jeremy Toeman. Heheh, John Dvorak is tired of baiting Mac users, so now he’s going to bait Windows users to be equal opportunity. Got it John! Damn, I fell for it again! 😉

Linking to Sarah Blow

Heheh, Sarah Blow was at a little dinner we threw tonight and she was giving me some virtual heck for not linking to her. Oh, Sarah, I Google’d you this morning, looked at all three of your blogs, and didn’t see an update for 10 days, so didn’t link.

I guess she doesn’t listen to Steve Gillmor, who said that not getting a link is a sign of respect. 😉