What Mark Cuban is missing about HDTV

Hey, I know he’s a billionaire. Owns the Dallas Mavericks. And invested in an HD movie company.

I can still teach him something.

Today he said that it’ll be a long time before your PC will connect to an HDTV because your PC doesn’t have the right connections.

I say that’s poppycock.

Here’s how I hooked mine up: Ethernet. Your PC has one of those connectors, right?

My Media Center-run PC hooks up to my Ethernet jack, which hooks up to a Wifi router. My Wifi router sprays its packets down (via 802.11a) to a Wifi antenna on my Xbox 360. Those packets get decoded, and sent from my Xbox 360 over its HD component cables to my Sony 60-inch HDTV. Which displays them for me to watch.

I hear Microsoft is selling something like 15,000 Xbox 360s every day.

Mark, if you want to fly me down to your house I’ll be happy to connect a similar system for you. It’s easy and it ROCKS.

Once you do that, you can play Rocketboom (or ScobleShow, if you like long and boring videos about the tech industry) from your PC to your HD screen. Plus music. Plus photos.

It’s the best way to hook a PC up to an HD screen and has the added benefit of being “wife approved.” Why? Cause the ugly PC doesn’t sit in your living room with your TV. Just ask Maryam how important this is to getting along with women. You don’t want to look like a billionaire geek who has no sense of style, do you?