Apple doing a Tablet …

Ahh, the rumors have started up again that Apple is working on a Tablet PC. I can’t wait, cause then all the Tablet naysayers will ooohhh, and aaaahhhh, and praise Steve Jobs for being a visionary.

In the meantime the Tablet PC team over at Microsoft just posted a bunch of tips for tablet users of Windows Vista.

Keeping up with the Sandquists

Heheh, Jeff Sandquist bought Microsoft an ad on TechMeme. So did PodTech. But Jeff’s ads are better.

Of course that brought out another round of “it’s a damn echo chamber” complaints from Jeremy Zawodny. How did I find Jeremy’s comments? TechMeme of course.

That echo is loud. Even gets heard here in Wales.

What should PodTech do with our ads? We’ll be running them for a week.