It’s amazing how far Silicon Valley culture travels

We’re visiting Maryam’s family here in Wales. Her brother’s son, last night, said “I’ll Google that” at one point during the conversation. He also was bugging Maryam’s brother for not having wifi (I’m hooked up to you via an ethernet cable, so “old school”). And people bug me for not getting away from technology. Hey, I traveled 5300 miles to, um, have a geek talk. I remember when Alan Cooper, back in the mid 1990s, told me Silicon Valley is not a place anymore, “it’s a state of mind,” he’d say. I now understand.

Calling Chris Sells: I hate blogs that don’t work with Google Reader

One thing wrong with Chris Sells blog? I can’t find the RSS feed there and neither can Google Reader (which works remarkably well at finding feeds on most blogs).

Chris, that’s just lame for someone who is a developer, particularly one that is hip and using Vista (it has an RSS reader built in). It’s time for you to get a big feed icon and hook it up to your RSS feed.

Can someone go over to building 42, find Sells, and slap him upside the head?

Google Reader tip: I added a “subscribe” button to my toolbar. Here’s how you do that:

1) Open Google Reader (I do that by typing ).
2) Click “Settings” at the top of Reader’s page.
3) Click the Reader’s “Goodies” tab.
4) Drag the “Subscribe” link to your toolbar.

Unfortunately I can’t get that to work with IE 7, just with Firefox.

UPDATE:  I’ve noticed that the subscribe button doesn’t work consistently, but using the RSS icon in Firefox to subscribe to feeds does.