First two months of ScobleShow

More than 70 videos. 36 companies. 45 interviews. Whew!

Happy Thanksgiving! All of my shows are listed on the ScobleShow wiki that I just started over on WetPaint.

A few things I hate about my own work so far:

1) My show doesn’t work on iPods. That’ll get fixed in December.
2) My show is only video. I want MP3 versions of everything available.
3) My editing skills suck. Shorter videos would be nice.
4) My audio engineering skills suck. Later videos have two microphones and are better, but overall I need to get better at that.
5) No WMV files available. QuickTime doesn’t work on every system.
6) Many of the interviews would be much better with two cameras, or with a camera person (I did almost all of my own camera work on all this video).

What do you hate about it? What do you like? Which ones are your favorites? How many have you watched?

If you have suggestions for who I should interview, add them to the ScobleShow interview list Wiki that I started on WetPaint.

Oh, and do you like or hate ScobleShow’s new design? I think it’s a big improvement over what I used to have.

See inside Google Kirkland

Up on ScobleShow today we have a tour of Google Kirkland.

But we have something for you Microsoft fans too! I have an interview with the Microsoft Expression Web management, as well as a very cool demo (that’s a new Web design/development/workflow tool that Microsoft is shipping).

Elsewhere on PodTech is a LunchMeet conversation with Wesabe, which is a financial management site.

That brings me to two months of ScobleShows. I’m preparing a Wiki of all the shows, which will be up shortly.

Memetrackers revisited

Now, you know I love TechMeme. Last week I interviewed Kevin Burton, who does Tailrank, so I’ve been giving that a much better looking at than I’ve done recently. Yesterday Megite updated too, so I looked into that.

All three of these are interesting ways to see what the blogosphere is talking about. But, I notice I keep going back to TechMeme, and I think I found the reason why:

More info density per scroll.

But there’s an even better reason: no spam on TechMeme. Yes, it’s elitist, yes, it tracks only a small number of blogs compared to TailRank and Megite (TechMeme tracks a few thousand compared to about 150,000 for TailRank, according to Burton — TechMeme expands daily depending on linking behavior, though, so it’s hard to figure out just how many blogs are being tracked), but the quality on TechMeme is much higher overall, I find.

Here, visit TailRank for the post about Mike Arrington. Can you spot the splogger? Hint, it’s naikmichel, which copies all my content.

But, to me, TechMeme seems to have better choices for its top stories and less scrolling to see more stories. I’m getting to like TailRank, though, it’s definitely coming on strong and is much better than last time I looked at it.