Why is Hugh interested in Microsoft?

Hugh Macleod: the Microsoft question.

Thanks Hugh for the overly kind things you wrote about me.

Truth is, I’m still interested a lot in Microsoft too.

I read both blogs.msdn.com and blogs.technet.com and other Microsoft blogs every day.


For many of the reasons that Hugh talks about.

The people I met there are, for the most part, top notch.

To me, that alone makes them interesting to watch, no matter what happens.

Yeah, I’m a little more ascerbic toward my former coworkers than I was when I was there (that’s normal, I think) but part of that is just hoping that they break out and do something amazing.

Translation: I’m still holding my meager cache (a few hundred shares) of Microsoft stock.


Web 2007 trend: zero cost businesses

Tomorrow at noon Pacific Time a new company will be born. I have video with the CEO coming to ScobleShow. But what was remarkable was just how much was built without spending a single dollar.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard an entrepreneur tell me that they built a business with zero, or almost no, money, by the way.

This is another thing that Bill Gates doesn’t understand and will have deep implications for everyone. After all, Bill is still struggling to compete with free software.

Now he’s going to have to compete with free companies (or, more accurately, micro financed ones).

By the way, the service is cool and I’m going to use it a lot. It doesn’t have a killer demo like the photo thing that Microsoft showed off last week but it is useful for many of us, which is good enough.

More tomorrow after I get released from NDA at noon.