Confabb opens to conference attendees, speakers, planners (video)

Yesterday I was at Dave Winer’s house and got an early look at Confabb, a Web 2.0 site that just opened this morning.

Since I’ve been involved in planning, attending, or speaking at dozens of conferences and expos and other events this was very interesting to me.

In a few minutes I’ll have a demo and interview with founder Salim  Ismail up on ScobleShow. UPDATE: the interview is up (latest Quicktime required). By the way, that was done on Dave Winer’s “RSS couch.” Demo coming shortly is up now.

Is this a cool demo? Nah, not like last week’s Photosynth. Will it put Microsoft out of business? Nah. But is it something that you will probably use? I think so, at least if you’re going to go to a conference.

I’ll definitely use it to update the CES 2007 site on Confabb and add mention of our BlogHaus, which will be in the Bellagio there (Seagate, Microsoft, and AMD are sponsoring that).

Of course TechCrunch has a mention of it up already.


The Vista sound

I’m sure it drives many of the geeks crazy in the industry that so much attention is being paid to four little notes. The Associated Press has the story — nice to see Steve Ball get some attention, he’s one of the truly great guys at Microsoft. But, I find it fascinating. I wish I had the videotape I did of Robert Fripp in Microsoft’s studio. But it’s in a big box somewhere inside Microsoft.