Put a Google Map on any image

This is cool. You upload an image and then MapLib lets you put a Google Map interface on it. Imagine a Google Map on top of a Ski Resort. Or any photo.

Or, say I have a blueprint or photo of our Seagate CES BlogHaus. I could put little pushpins on top of it. Like this test image has done.

More on the Google Maps Mania Blog.


Who cares about conference Wifi anymore?

Ethan Kaplan does. He complains about spending $3,500 to attend a conference without being able to get good Wifi.

Damn dude. If you can afford $3,500 for a conference then spend $80 a month on Verizon Wireless like I do. You won’t care anymore about conference Wifi. My Verizon wireless worked just fine the whole conference.

So, what should we care about? Access to power outlets! 🙂