More on the Vloggies

Whew, lots of stuff came in about the Vloggies.

Weird America has a fun video from the evening.

We got on Valleywag.

Tom Foremski, of Silicon Valley Watcher, has more Vloggies interviews.

PodTech had its own video crew there and captured the event.

Thomas Hawk has killer photos, as usual.

Rocketboom is selling its award on eBay and has pictures of Andrew Baron, Rocketboom’s founder, getting on top of Ze Frank’s duckie that he sent in his place to pick up his award.

Thank you to everyone who came and made it a great evening, now back to work. Er, editing. Email. Oh, and I have a fun announcement to make. Coming soon.


Microsoft and Google Maps heat up 3D battle

The Local Live team just introduced 3D maps which competes with Google Earth. Pretty cool and good for us that Microsoft and Google are going at it. Requires a download and IE 6 or 7, which will keep it from being seen as cool.

Google isn’t taking this lying down, though, and has just released a beta of Google Earth 4.

I link to many of the best reports over on my link blog.

More on TechMeme.

Microsoft’s and Channel 9 have interviews with the team and demos of the 3D Virtual Earth too.