Best videobloggers list from the Vloggies (the Judges’ choices)

Favorite Male videoblog: Ze Frank.
Best Community Vlog: Chuck Olsen. Minnesota Stories.
Best Cooking Vlog: Freshtopia.
Favorite kids and teens videoblog: Jetset Show.
Favorite news vlog: Rocketboom.
Best Female Vlogger. Ryanne Hodson.
Favorite Tech Vlog: Bleeding Edge TV.
Entertainment Vlog: Chasing Windmills.
Controversial Vlog: Josh Wolf (who’s currently in jail for refusing to turn over his video tapes).
Videoblogging Book: Secrets of Videoblogging.
Green Vlog: Treehugger TV
Vlog directory: Mefeedia
Best Vloggervangelist: Michael Verdi for his work on Node 101.
Comedy Vlog: Ask a Ninja.
Diary Vlog: Josh Leo.
Entertainment Vlog (non Fiction). LoFi St Louis
favorite entertaiment vlog (fiction): chasing windmills
Video Hosting: BlipTV
Site Design: It’s Jerry Time
Experimental Vlog: Pouringdown TV
Insirational/Spirtual: Beachwalks.
Vlog Collaboration: Bottom Union, Carp Caviar
Best Vlog: Alive in Baghdad. (Big Winner, got a standing ovation — their stuff is really awesome)
Best Group Vlog: Alive in Baghdad.
Best Political Vlog: Alive in Baghdad.
favorite interview vlog: alive in baghdad
Favorite Corporate Organization vlog: netsquared
Favorite Travel Vlog:
favorite video production tool: enric’s vpip
favorite viral video: singing woodchuck
Favorite Special Effects: Galacticast
favorite documentary vlog: american king
favorite educational vlog: freevlog
favorite editing : stutterframes
favorite site design: itsjerrytime


Vloggies start — online video awards show

Lots of famous people here from Kevin Marks (geek at Technorati) to Jerry Zucker. Jerry’s a famous Hollywood director. More than 250 people are here. Tons of video cameras, geeks, and videobloggers. The show starts soon, more reports coming.

Lots of great videobloggers here, from Andrew Baron who runs Rocketboom, to a Yellow Duckie who is here for Ze Frank.

List of nominations are here. We’ll keep you in touch throughout the night.


7:24 p.m.: it’s getting started.

7:32 p.m.: Jerry Zucker is on stage, explaining how he got started with a half-inch videotape machine back in 1970. If you don’t know who Jerry is, he’s on Wikipedia. Was the co-director of the movie “Airplane.”