Why you should not get drunk with podcasters

Last weekend Maryam and I got to visit several Washington State wineries. That was fun and good. But then Tim Reha turned on his recorder and got me doing the “butter knife scratch.” I’ll never live this down. I’m sure it’ll be on Valleywag by the end of the day.

Anyway, with a weekend of parties coming up due to the Vloggies being in town, this is a valuable lesson to remember. Getting drunk with videobloggers is even worse! 🙂

Over on Valleywag there’s a hillarious video about YouTube done by Colbert. Said the same thing as Messina, but a whole lot funnier!


YouTube gets rich, users get nothing, Messina notes

Over on PodTech our India tech channel is getting some real good stuff. It was weird hearing Chris Messina on that channel, being concerned by “crowdsourcing,” (where we provide the labor, but do it all for free or near free) but it all makes sense when he started talking about BarCamp India. Ironic that Chris is an advocate for open source (he worked on the Flock browser team). Interesting conversation.

A list bloggers: keeping the little guy down?

I was just reading Mike Arrington’s note about dealing with PR agencies and such. If you aren’t a journalist or a blogger with an audience you have no idea what Mike is talking about. I get hundreds of emails every day, many of which are from people, companies, and PR firms asking me to blog stuff.

I absolutely hate dealing with this stuff. For the most part I just simply don’t. I don’t respond. I learned that answering email causes even more email and I simply don’t have time. All I did yesterday was dig through email and I barely made a dent. That’s why I’m up at 2:40 a.m. editing videos.

Anyway, it’s a real problem for a small company (or even a big one) to get noticed in today’s world. I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve given up.

One thing, though. If you have a product or a blog or something else you want my readers to try out (or for me to try out) leave a comment here, do NOT send email! That way everyone can get pitched and my readers can help me sort out what’s important to dig more into with my video camera.