WordPress.com’s new dashboard reveals me as a Luddite

Oh, how I hate change!

For those who don’t use WordPress.com, the Dashboard is where you go everytime you visit your administration page. I visit it dozens of times daily to see if I have new comments. New referers.

I just logged in and EVERYTHING has changed.


I’ve gotta be honest, there were two things on that page I used A LOT.

1) The link that showed who linked to me. Now it’s a lot harder to see that (it used to be at the top of the page).
2) Who commented on my blog. (There was a link there to the page where I could just read all my comments in one long page — that rocked, this one doesn’t because I have to click on each comment separately to read them).

Yeah, I know where to look to find both of these things, but this new dashboard took away functionality that I was used to.

OK, now that I’ve looked at it for a few minutes. There are some really great things. What are they?

1) It’s a ton faster.
2) The layout is better overall, and shows you more stuff.
3) It shows me what has happened along a timeline (and it separates out pinbacks, posts, and comments, which rocks).

So, overall, this new dashboard reveals me as a Luddite. I want to go back to the old one overall. I found it served me better as a blogger. Show me who is commenting, let me click over to a list of ALL comments where I can delete spam, etc. and show me who linked to me on their own blogs. I really miss the link to Google Blogsearch on the Dashboard.

Those are the #1 and #2 tasks for a blogger. Put them at the top. Put all the fun other stuff below that.

Oh, and Matt, you have two typos in your first post about the new Dashboard. 🙂

UPDATE: Matt already posted that he’s bringing back the incoming links feature. Damn, that was fast.


Socialtext brings wikis and more to Sharepoint

“But I thought Sharepoint was already getting a wiki,” you might say after hearing the latest news that Socialtext (one of the oldest, if not the oldest, Wiki vendor) is bringing Socialtext to Microsoft’s Sharepoint platform. That might be true, but Socialtext is a lot more than what Microsoft is putting in, not to mention that Microsoft’s Wiki functionality hasn’t shipped yet. Anyway, congrats to Ross Mayfield, one of the truly nice guys in this business. He wrote more about this on his blog.