Jason Calacanis just announced something

I’m not going to break this news, cause the company I work for, PodTech, is involved. But, at about 9:58 a.m. Pacific Time Jason Calacanis, senior Vice President at AOL and founder of Weblogsinc.com, announced something pretty interesting to the Blog Business Summit, where there are tons of people blogging.

This gives us a great opportunity to see how good the blog search engines work.

So, over the next few hours I’ll be watching these blog search engines to see how fast the news shows up:

Technorati blogsearch for Calacanis.
Google blogsearch for Calacanis.
Ask blogsearch for Calacanis.
Sphere blogsearch for Calacanis.
Icerocket’s blogsearch for Calacanis.

First report coming soon. It’ll be interesting to see how long the news takes to get to Digg and TechMeme too.

Google blogsearch wins. At 10:11 a.m. it is the only one to have this post from Tris Hussey up.

10:17: Technorati is second.

10:20: Ask has a link to my post, but not any others.

10:25: Interesting that lots of other people have posted, like Patrick McCarthy, who has a much more detailed post about Jason’s keynote here, who I’m sitting next to, but they aren’t yet showing up in any of the blog search engines.

10:27: Ask just pulled up a detailed, lengthy, post from Pro PR that hasn’t shown up on other engines yet. If you haven’t read yet, Jason gave one of the best keynotes I’ve heard anyone to and he said lots of controversial stuff, including calling investor Tim Draper out. The Pro PR post did a great job capturing it.

10:35: Drew Meyers blog about Jason’s keynote, also lengthy and detailed, showed up in Google Reader, but not on blog search engines yet.

10:38: Google Blog Search just got Patrick’s post. I posted that to my link blog.

10:41: Ask just got the Blog Business Summit’s post by Teresa Valdez Klein. Nice bulleted post.

10:46: IceRocket and Sphere sucks. Not a single post yet. They are the only blog search engine that doesn’t have a link to a single Calacanis post yet. UPDATE: Looks like I had a bad URL for Sphere.

10:48: Ask has Patrick’s post up.

10:50: Elizabeth Grigg’s favorite quotes from Jason’s keynote just showed up on Google Blogsearch. Dustin Luther’s post shows up in my comments as a Trackback, but not on any blog search engine.

10:52: Here’s the totals: Sphere, zero posts (bad); Technorati, two posts (OK); IceRocket, zero posts (bad); Google, four posts (good); Ask, five posts (best).

10:55 Wade Rocket posts in my comment that his post was posted at 10:02 and still isn’t showing up in any of the blog search engines.

11:00: Jason-Preston posted in my comments that his post hasn’t shown up yet either. Said “a solid and interesting keynote.”

11:04: Google links to Zaadz blog, who has the first picture I’ve seen.

11:05: Tris Hussey posted another post about Jason’s talk, but that one hasn’t shown up yet in blog search engines that I’ve seen.

11:06:  It just showed up on TechMeme.

11:08: I don’t see it on Digg yet. Who’ll be first to submit the story for Digg?

Well, I’m done. It’ll be interesting to watch this over the next day or two.

12:46: let’s compare again. Sphere (3 links); IceRocket (6 links); Google (19 links); Ask (15 links, some duplicates); Technorati (14 links, more spam than the others).

Conclusion: Google BlogSearch is looking pretty darn good!

UPDATE: TailRank has more links to this than TechMeme.