Crayon, first SecondLife company?

Congrats to Shel Holtz (one of my favorite marketing bloggers/podcasters), C.C. Chapman (podsafe music pioneer), Neville Hobson (partner on Shel’s podcast), Joe Jaffe (advertising guru who wrote an excellent book titled “Life After the 30 Second Spot”) who joined together to create Crayon.

TechCrunch has the details and says they are claiming to be the first company launched in the virtual SecondLife. Neville Hobson has a post on Crayon too.


Can a corporate blogger use the “F-word?”

Tim Bray (co-creator of XML and a Sun Microsystems’ employee) is taking on a bit of heat cause he said Sun Microsystems’ new product is “fucking cool.” That is causing a bit of controversy.

I tried to stay away from swearing when I worked at Microsoft. Mostly cause I represented a lot of people who probably wouldn’t appreciate my language. I said “fuck” on stage once at Les Blogs and Maryam thought it was inappropriate.

Personally I think it’s cool that Tim Bray thinks Sun’s new product is cool enough to use salty language about.

I paid attention to that new product launch BECAUSE of Tim’s language. (I linked to pictures of the Blackbox several times on my link blog).

But, what about you?