Why do I love YouTube?

Cause of crap like this. Can you tell I don’t have TV? I’m missing the baseball playoffs. Sigh. But, I can’t stop watching this video, either. I wonder if these kids are gonna regret this when they are 40 years old.

Sony playing a little FUD with their “fact sheet”

Engadget is reporting that Sony says that my Xbox 360 “requires” an HD-DVD and a few other things. Really? I didn’t know I had to have one of those just to play high definition video games. My Xbox seems to work just fine without all the extra goodies.

Now, what they should have said is “Sony requires all that.” Engadget calls it right.

Starbucks shows how not to do a podcast

I’ve grown fond of the Podonomics blog, done by Leesa Barnes, lately now that I’m reading feeds again (and sharing my favorite items with you, thanks to Google Reader).

Anyway, tonight she wrote about Starbucks and how boring its podcast was (and why it was boring and how to fix it). Good lessons for corporate types if they want to get into podcasting.