Watching the game with Dave and my link blog is back

I’m a very lucky guy. I’m watching the Oakland A’s playing the Detroit Tigers over at Dave Winer’s house. He got a brand new Sony 46-inch HDTV. Top of the line. It’s stunning. The A’s are getting beaten pretty badly by Detroit. So far down 5-0. Anyway. His screen is thinner than mine, smaller in size too (but cost almost as much). But has better sharpness and color and when a computer is displayed on his screen it’s much better than mine. If you haven’t had a chance to watch baseball on a real HDTV screen you’re missing out.

Yeah, I’m in the New York Times today thanks to my blog. Page C8. Talks about cool people I meet when I’m traveling on planes. I wonder who Maryam and I will sit next to when we travel on Thursday to the Converge South conference.

Anyway, today was busy. First over to Google’s Reader team.

Hey, my Link Blog is back! I am reading about 200 feeds right now. I hit “j” to scroll down through all my items. When I find something cool I click on “share this” and it goes to this blog. Oh, there’s a feed too.

The Google Reader team showed me that I can share each blog item that I like as I read it and now you can follow along.