I got my blue diode!

Interesting, turns out that blue diodes are gonna be tough to get this year. That’s what’s inside the Toshiba HD-DVD player I bought and what is scheduled to be inside Sony’s Playstation 3’s later this year. My brother says this is making the Xbox team look like geniuses.


Trip to Google tomorrow

Ahh, I see someone is asking “why is the Windows Live Writer blog banned from Google?” They are talking about that over on Channel 9 too.

I doubt it’s banned. There are lots of reasons things don’t get into Google very highly. For one the search term isn’t in the title tag (which, for many searches, is more important than how many inbound links you have). For two someone notes that the HTML on Windows Live Spaces is giving lots of errors on the validators.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m gonna visit Matt Cutts at Google. He loves these kinds of questions. I’ll make sure he gets a good answer. I’ll be the guy wearing my “I’m not Matt Cutts” t-shirt. Just incase anyone gets us confused. Also on the calendar is the Calendar team. Meeting me there will be Scott Mace who runs the Calendarswamp blog. Should be an interesting day!

Bloggers, Vloggers, and Podcasters: do NOT buy this book!

Why don’t I want you to buy this book? Because it contains the secrets to beating me at Technorati (and how to get Shelley Powers and Steve Gillmor to link to you on the same day! Although with Gillmor you really don’t want him to link to you, trust me on this).

It is the best aggregation of tips for how to get noticed that I’ve found anywhere. I hope all my competitors don’t buy this book and I am buying it for everyone at PodTech. Disclaimer, I liked this book so much I wrote the forward for it for free. I am not getting paid for this endorsement (or, anti endorsement, if you will). Well, unless you buy it by following my link to Amazon. Please do. I’m having a house warming party next month and need money to buy wine and beer for everyone. 🙂