Blogger says “it’s OK to steal, if they use RSS”

Mgreenly says, basically, that by putting a full-text RSS feed out there it’s like giving everyone a license to copy my content and use it however they want.

Ahh, so if it’s easy to copy it’s OK to steal?

American copyright law says “not true.”

And, I’m calling bull on this. It’s one thing to use it in an online news aggregator like Bloglines and its a whole nother thing to steal my content and put a different name on it and then spam everyone I link to with trackback spam.

This is content theft and its not OK. If you are advocating this is OK you simply don’t understand copyright law.


Apple, marketing blogging and podcasting bigtime in its stores

Check out this picture or this one with Patrick that I just took in the San Francisco Apple store. They sure market blogging and podcasting big time. Too bad Microsoft doesn’t understand that consumers aren’t consumers anymore. They are producers too! Media producers. Apple gets this, at least at a marketing level (they don’t at a spiritual level, which is why they don’t encourage normal everyday Apple employees to blog and podcast). It creates a marketing disconnect. Do they really believe in what their marketing says they do?

Those are the most prominent signs, right at the front door, in the SF store (which is TOTALLY PACKED!)

Yes, Amanda, we’re watching you!

Amanda Congdon, formerly with Rocketboom, is surprised that I found her “little project.” Oh, Amanda, you think I didn’t build an RSS feed for your name on Technorati? Not to mention I have tons of people who email me about stuff regarding tech or video on the Internet.

Speaking of which, rumors are Amanda is going to soon announce a huge deal that’ll surprise everyone. I hope so, but it doesn’t take away from what I wrote yesterday. Even if she’s going to be on the Today show, that announcement would still have been a LOT bigger if it was done three weeks ago.

Still, I’m cheering Amanda on! I’m sure whatever she will do it’ll be very cool and I’ll be watching.